We invite all the alumni to give us contact details through following mail-ids


1 Mr. KRISHNAN PRESIDENT March 2009 Studying B.Sc(Comp.Sc) in Prince college of Art & Science
2 Mr. Abhishek VICE PRESIDENT March 2009 B.E. Meenakshi college of Engineering Kancheepuram
3 Mr. Ashish Tiwari SECRETARY March 2008 B.E. Panimalar college of Engineering Chennai
4 Miss. G.SOUMYA Joint Secretary March 2007 B.E. P.S.G College coimbatore
5 Mr. Koushik Treasurer March 2007 B.E. Bharat Engineering college

Here is a communication received from our alumni.

R Srinivasan, a alumina of this Vidyalaya has conveyed his thoughts on the occasion of Golden Jubilee Year. The 2007-08 student has said and I quote

“KV 2 TBM is one such institution that not only places ficus on studnent’s academics but aims at overall improvement by constantly organizing many exatra curricular events and helping students find their passion. Most of the extra qualities I posses this day are the ones that KV 2 Tbm has driven into me. The school has given me loads to be proud of, ranging from national level exposure in music, sports, cyber
and science Olympiads, rajya puraskar”

Today he is working as Navigating Officer for a Hong Kong based shipping company. He also conveys his gratitude to KVS for the opportunities and support provided.

The message for the present KV 2 students

“ Do not aim at the end result. Focus on your performance and result will follow pursuit. Be a self-motivated leader not only when someone is monitoring you, but even when you are all alone. Be professional in your actions and take responsibility for them. “The strongest ppl are not the one who show strength in front of us, but those who win battles we know nothing about.”

Execellence is knowing much about what to do, as knowing about what not to do. Don’t be serious, be sincere. Life would definitely test you, but remember, you are never given a problem without ability to find a solution. But if challeges could always be oversome, it would cease to
be a challenge any more. Ignite the spark and kindling the fire of 1000s of children has been the trade mark of KV 2.